Monday, September 19, 2011

Kindred spirits

Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to be a part of our community. I was reminded of that fact several times this week. First, when I received ShapeMoth's package, and then again, when I got an unexpected gift from Chawne If you remember, she was one of the shawl winners, and in a most generous gesture, she sent me something in return.


I am now the lucky girl with a mini-compost of my very own, as well as an amazing hand-print by Margot Bianca. There's also a wee pouch by Splityarn for me to enjoy.
Wow. Amazing. Thank you again, C, for your sweet gift!

On display

Now, I've got a lovely space above my ironing board to enjoy.

The final reminder of community I received this week was attending my first Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting. Meeting quilters in person was exhilarating, and made me even more excited about the upcoming Sewing Summit. In fact, I met some gals who will be attending, so I'll know a few familiar faces!

You can look at this photo to see what some of the members did with the Habitat challenge! Very cool projects going on.
I'll definitely be attending more meetings and events, and they're having meetups during the International Quilt Show, too!


  1. oooh, love all your gifties! So fun. And glad to hear you joined your MQG,it's such a great organization. We meet finally tomorrow after the summer off and I can't wait to talk quilt with live people!

  2. So sweet! I bet your ironing feels so full of cheer now. :)

  3. What a perfect way to inspire you to iron. So cute!

  4. Lucky, lucky! I need to join in a flickr swap sometime. Do you always have to be invited?

  5. Hi Jacey! It was good to meet you at the meeting on Saturday. Although I don't think we got a chance to talk. Anyways, I'm Becca. I joined the guild last month. And I agree, it is great to meet people from the community.

  6. What a lovely gift! And it's "compost". hehe.vid

  7. what a fun surprise! you are one lucky duck!

  8. aw, hooray for great swap surprises! you totally rock!

  9. So much cute swap stuff! I am envious that you are going to Sewing Summit. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

  10. Oooh, I love that mini compost quilt. Tadpole is lunging for the iPad so it's time for another break from blogs :)


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