Friday, September 16, 2011

For the Love of Solids - complete

Now that I've both received and sent in the Solids swap, I'd like to show you the results!
So first, I received from ShapeMoth. My package flew all the way from Germany, and it contained:
this incredible metal-frame pouch (just look at that linen!), and

FTLOS: Received!!!
this beautiful mini-quilt. I love the gradient effect and the quilting is fabulous.
Joanna really spoiled me with these lovely items!

On the other side of the swap, I sent to Krista. Krista really wanted placemats or an apron. I almost made an apron, but I was afraid not many people would have requested one, and I didn't want it to be obvious she was my partner.
So, placemats!

Solids Option #2
Krista's favorite solid is Kona Butterscotch, so I paired that with some lovely blues, yellow, and a few brighter solids.

Krista has three kids, so I wanted to make sure everyone had their own placemat.

When I made that decision, I didn't think about all of the hand sewing it would entail, but I'm so glad I didn't skimp.

These were really fun to make, and I know Krista really loves them!

Finished placemats

I quilted each one a little differently, and bound them in various solids.

A closer look

The triangle quilting was my favorite (I didn't want to let that one go!).

I also whipped up a little zippy pouch to send along, and stuffed it with some solids and a couple of prints.


Swaps are super fun, and I'm so glad I jumped in for this one.

I don't plan on joining any others until the new year, but I'm sure I will be tempted. ;)

P.S. I'm planning to post my very first tutorial here soon!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lovely placemats. You're right, the triangle quilting is adorable! Also, what a cute little bag to receive! I can't wait to see your tutorial. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. i love those placemats. they're so fun! and that little metal pouch is pretty too and i love the pattern on your miniquilt. great packages, all around!

  3. ooh, so much awesome quilting goodness!! I love the green quilt, it's amazing.

  4. you got some great stuff, I love that pouch! and you sent great stuff too, I am super jealous of your partner!

  5. What a great stuff! LOVE those place-mats you made! Makes me want to make some.. and I don't even have a table, haha :)

  6. That mini-quilt is so pretty! What a lucky girl you are!

  7. i love the placemats. i think they are awesome. i love the quilting you did on them. i love that each one is unique. and what an awesome swap package you received. i love the metal frame pouch and the mini quilt is amazing!

  8. I'm glad you had fun in this swap! Your creations and your partner's creations are all fabulous! I think I might have to make a similar mini quilt for my house :)

  9. gosh, your placemats are each a lovely miniquilt on their own. wow!

  10. Oooh, I want that mini-quiilt you received! Shape moth is one cool lady. Your triangle quilting is also way fab. I think I should sew with solids more often. But... those darn prints are so tempting too.

  11. Love all of it! The little pouch with the purple flower is really cute and that it came from Germany!

    Great job on the place mats!

  12. The placemats really are special! Thank you so much again Jacey :)

  13. What a fun swap! I love your new pouch and mini quilt, and your placemats are amazing, just a perfect color combo.

    Ooh, looking forward to seeing your first tute!

  14. Those place mats are gorgeous! And I love that green quilt you got from your swap partner.

    Swaps sound like such fun - I'm doing my first knitting now and I'm having a blast deciding what to make.

  15. Wow. All those projects are so cute. You make swaps look like so much fun!


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