Monday, March 5, 2012

FO: Foxy Pouches

Sometimes, a task that should only take you a few hours gets postponed. For months. And months.

Julie and I were chatting sometime last fall (around October, I think?), and I offered to make her a pouch from this fox fabric. You may remember my boasty talk of making pajama pants for myself in time for Sewing Summit. Well, the pajama pants didn't happen, because this lovely organic Monoluna Anika print is not as wide as typical quilting cotton, and I didn't purchase enough to make full-length pajamas. I'm still thinking of making some shorter PJ pants, or maybe adding some patchwork to the legs. For now, I can say that I finally fulfilled my promise to Julie and made her not one, but TWO pouches.

FO: Foxy Pouches

Since it literally took me an hour to do them, I decided she deserved a bonus pouch for her patience. I'm so in love with this print.

Interior print

I found a fun coordinating floral in the stash, which I think I purchased at Joann's. I also used zippers from the stash, and added a little loop on one of them, just for fun.

It's nice when you can fulfill a promise so easily, even it takes you four months.

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  1. better late than never right? i love the pouches jacey, so so cute!

  2. Best pouches ever!! I love them both so much, and they are flawless. The smaller one has my on-the-go knitting tools in it, and I take it with me everywhere!

  3. These are so cute and I love the interior fabric. It drives me nuts when I put something off that is so simple. It really does feel so good once you finish up!

    Your tutorial is perfect, btw. You keep it simple and I totally understood the whole thing just by reading through it. If I ever get an ipad, I will use it!!!

  4. What cool fabric! I have never seen it before - perfect for the pouches!

  5. It's just amazing to me how much you get done...even if maybe it took a little longer than planned, you still are just so productive! And oh, the foxes. I love the foxes. Darn you and your fabric enabling.


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