Thursday, March 8, 2012

Received: From Sara and Rue

Today is my sister's birthday. Happy birthday, Jiller!

Also, thanks for your kind words on my tutorial. I was nervous about posting it, but I'm glad it's done!

I want to share two very happy packages I recently received. One, handspun yarn from Rue, in exchange for the mini quilt I made Tadpole.

Handspun from Rue

Rue is such an even spinner, and the yarn is so soft! I have misplaced the card with yardage and fiber content, but I'm sure I'll find it as I pack away my room. Rue also sent along some local treats, which have been (almost) devoured. She sent some incredible espresso shortbread and a chocolate bacon bar. Yeah, I said it. BACON. And it was delicious.

Thanks again, Rue! It was so fun swapping with you!

Two, from Sara, a mini quilt and a pillow cover.

Selvage pillow from Sara

She used selvages to make this pillow cover, and look at her quilting! It's so beautiful. This was a bonus gift (!) to say congratulations to Elliott and I. Elliott actually liked this pillow better than the mini quilt, so I know he won't mind if this gets planted on our couch!

Scrappy mini from Sara

As for the mini, well, the scrappiness is out of control awesome. I love it so, and the fact that she used so many teeny tiny pieces and abandoned blocks (based on Chawne's very cool method) just makes it all the more special. Sara entered Jennifer's Modern Mini Challenge. I've got my fingers crossed for her!

Thanks again, Sara! Your package should be arriving any day!


  1. That handspun is so gorgeous! And you're right, super even. I don't have the diligence to be that controlled when I spin...

  2. such fun loot! i think you should use that yarn to make a couple of these for olias and bella and of course a couple for you and elliott so you can match the kids! rotflmfao! seriously!

  3. Rue does know how to spin incredible yarn doesn't she!?! Love the orange...looking forward to seeing what you turn this special gift into. And I'd already seen and loved the selvage pillow (on Sara's blog)...I find it very cool the things popping up using selvages. Very cool indeed.

  4. that handspun is just lovely. and you are very welcome! i had so much fun making things for you.

  5. You're very, very welcome! I can't wait to see what you make with it. In case you don't find the card, the fiber is BFL. For the life of me, I can't remember the yardage.

    That yarn is more even than what I'm spinning right now. Tadpole is an active "helper" (emphasis on active part, not so much on the help).


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