Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tutorial: iPad Pouch

I'm so excited to share my first sewing tutorial with you today!
Thanks to Fat Quarterly, I got to participate in a challenge using the lovely Quilt Blocks line, by Ellen Luckett Baker.

I've been wanting to make myself an iPad pouch. I made one last year, but I wanted to try a pouch with an off-center zipper. I also wanted a strap, so I can carry it around, or hang it up when I'm not using it.


-Two 10" x 11.5" pieces of fabric (exterior)
-Two 10" x 11.5" pieces of fabric (interior)
-Two 11" x 12" pieces of batting
-One 12" zipper
-3" wide scraps OR one 3" x 13" piece of fabric (strap)


1) Prepare exterior pieces: Pin one exterior piece to one piece of batting and quilt as desired. I chose to quilt with a few random straight lines. Repeat with second exterior piece. Trim batting to size of exterior pieces.

2) Make strap: If you are making the scrappy version, sew scraps together to make an approximately 3" x 13" piece of fabric.

Fold the strap in half with right sides together (long sides) and sew down the side. Turn strap inside out. You should now see the right side.

Top stitch all edges of the strap.

3) Attach zipper: Make a sandwich using one exterior piece, one interior piece and the zipper. Place exterior piece right side up, line the zipper (face down) up along the edge, and lay the lining piece right side down on top. Pin along the edge, and sew three layers together. When you get to the zipper pull, be sure to unzip or zip to move it out of your way.

Flip wrong side together, and press at zipper. Top stitch along zipper line.

Repeat this process with second exterior/interior piece and other side of zipper. The side already finished should be sandwiched in between the second exterior/interior pieces. Exterior pieces should be facing each other. Sew second side of zipper.

Press and top stitch second side.

4) Sew bottom together: Now, lay the pouch out as follows. The zipper in the middle, with exterior pieces on one side (right sides together) and lining pieces (right sides together) on the other. Sew along the bottom of the exterior pieces edge, with a 1/4 seam allowance. Sew along the bottom of the lining pieces edge with a 3/8" seam allowance.
Do not sew along the sides of the pouch yet!

5) Sew sides: Turn pouch inside out and lay flat with zipper off-center. Your right sides should now be facing each other. Unzip the zipper to at least halfway.

Fold strap in half and insert raw edges (at least 1/2") between the exterior and interior layers on the edge that the zipper will lie against. The folded edge of the strap should be folded into the exterior side (see picture above). Pin strap in place.
Now sew both sides with 3/8" seam allowance. Be sure that your seams sew through the zipper teeth.

6) Finishing: Since the side seams will be exposed, trim side seams to 1/4". Because of the batting, you will barely see them on the inside. Now pull pouch right side out and lay flat. Press if necessary.

And you're done!
I hope that this tutorial was easy to understand, but please comment or email me if you have any problems!

Thanks again to Fat Quarterly for including me on this fun challenge! I will definitely be buying some Quilt Blocks fabric when it hits stores next month!


  1. Very cool!! And I love the fabric you chose, it's so bright and awesome. I'm not clever with a sewing machine, but I'm so impressed with this tutorial!

  2. Such a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. great tutorial jacey! i really want an ipad and one of these cover to go with it!

  4. Jacey - this is soooo cute! I want to make one, now if I only had an ipad. Great fabrics too, love the playful colors.

  5. So, so cute. You used such fun fabrics. Great tutorial!

  6. Great tutorial and a lovely blog that I'm now following!!

  7. Great job! if I was lucky enough to own an ipad, I would be very tempted to make one up to store it!

  8. Good tutorial :)

    Kay - aka dkswife

  9. This looks so great and your tutorial is so clear! I might even give this a try if I can find some fabric I like

  10. Cool certainly looks clear to me and I'm pretty sewing illiterate! I don't have an ipad but I'm thinking that this would size up or down for a variety of uses. Maybe I could use this to jumpstart some sewing. ;)

  11. Just catching up on sme blogs. Congrats! This tutorial looks great and I so hope to make it someday!

  12. thank you so much for this tutorial - I'm totally pinning it for later!

  13. Yay, congrats on the tutorial, it's super cute!


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