Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favorites (the one with Bokeh the cat)

Friday Favorites

Some recent faves from some talented peeps! 1. Coming Home..., 2. gather here sampler, 3. all up in my grill., 4. Bee Happy Circle Quilt Top, 5. my lunchtime companion, 6. San Bruno Quilt, 7. day 166, 8. Stash basket, 9. green sea turtle

And because it's Friday, a happy video that my sister shared with me recently. Stupid, but it makes me smile.
I'm warning you. It's really silly.


  1. what a great photo roundup! I love that felt turtle, amazing.

  2. Yay to Andi's stash basket. I love that picture!

  3. Wow--that San Bruno quilt is just stunning...and Kristi's turtle is amazing! My future cat may need to be named Bokeh.

    You are definitely silly! But I admit, I laughed. ;)


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