Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boston Marine Cardigan

For my vacation sweater, I chose Wendy Bernard's Favorite Cardigan. I cast on Wednesday, and I'm just a few rounds away from separating for the sleeves. It's going fast. I still plan to make the others on my list, but I'm betting that this simple cabled cardigan can be knit the fastest, since it is one piece, and is mostly stockinette. Plus, now that I can cable without a needle, the cables are a breeze. And of course, working in Malabrigo doesn't hurt with the speed and enjoyment.

I took these pictures after a few hours of work. I love the color, although it's hard to photograph. The color is more of a navy/dark purple than what the pictures show.

I think this second photo is a bit closer to the true color.

I'm hoping to separate for the sleeves before the end of the evening, but I'll definitely be through them by the end of the weekend. I'm not even done with the first skein of yarn yet!


  1. Yay for Favorite Cardigan! Excellent choice. I have that pattern sitting around here somewhere (it's been heavily pawed in my lust for it, but I don't have the yarn picked out yet to get started).

    The Malabrigo Marine is to die for, and it's knitting up beautifully. This will be perfect for Boston in September!

  2. Cables + Malabrigo = awesome sweater. Can't wait to see the finished product!!!


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