Monday, August 17, 2009

Help me choose my new project

My sister and I are going to Boston next month. We've never been, so we decided it would be a fun vacation to take together. I've decided (because I'm crazy) to try knit up a cardigan in celebration of this, in hopes that the fall weather (this seems like a safe bet, yes?) will allow me to wear one while I'm there.

The problem is, I can't decide which of the following four five patterns to start:

You can click on each link to see a picture of the potential project

Garter Yoke Cardigan

Ms. Darcy Cardigan

Lush and Lacy

Vine Yoke Cardigan

Emerald Isle Cardigan

Alternatively, I could try to finish my Central Park Hoodie.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Am I crazy for thinking I could knit one of these in five weeks?


  1. I know I think I'm crazy for trying to knit anything in 5 weeks, but you're probably faster/more committed than I am, so...

    ...I vote for Mrs. Darcy. :)

  2. If you're going for speed and versatility, I would say go with the Garter Yoke Cardigan, or Emerald Isle. All are super cute though!

  3. It's Nancy. I vote for the emerald green one! Very pretty. Don't forget my blog,

  4. Ms. Darcy! I think that would look really good on you.


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