Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boston Sweater Thoughts

I've narrowed down the list of potential sweaters a bit, but of course, I then added a couple as well. I'm now trying to pick between four sweater designs.

The new list of possibilities are:

Vine Yoke Cardigan (linked in post below)

Emerald Isle Cardigan (linked in post below)

Buttony Sweater

Favorite Cardigan (link to Feministy's version, which I love)

I ruled out Ms. Darcy, because it has a decent amount of seaming and finishing, and I'm looking for quick and easy on this one.

I ruled out the Garter Yoke Cardigan, because I don't feel confident that I could finish in time. Finally, I ruled out Lush and Lacy, because I'm not sure that it will look good on me, after looking at several Ravelry FOs.

I'm leaning towards the Favorite Cardigan in Malabrigo Marine

or the Emerald Isle Cardigan in Wool of the Andes Onyx Heather


  1. This is so funny because I think that all of your choices are in my queue too! The Favorite Cardigan might take a little longer to knit, but the Malabrigo would help it go fast. That has my vote!

  2. The buttony sweater is in my queue too! I think you'll be happier working on the favorite cardigan, though, but I also liked the Ms. Darcy for you!

  3. Wow - I too am currently suffering from a wicked case of whichsweatertoknitnextitis, I too have some Malabrigo in Vaa (LOVE that colorway), and I too have knit a sweater in Malabrigo in Marine (my Lion Neck Cardi).

    This is getting spooooooky! ;)

    P.S. I vote for the Favorite Cardigan. And to finish your CPH!


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