Saturday, August 1, 2009

FO: Radiant Gradiant Ishbel

Seriously, I'm in love. This is by far the most beautiful thing I've ever made. I'm so proud to share this with you.

My Ishbel is complete and blocked!

Details: Ishbel, by Ysolda
Yarn: The Unique Sheep Verve Gradiant Sock Yarn, approximately 320 yards
Needles: Size 6
Time: 2.5 months, although it sat finished, but not blocked for one full month
Recipient: perhaps a gift, not sure yet

Thoughts: This pattern was extremely gratifying.

I accomplished several "firsts" with this FO: first shawl, first lace (I've had a few "semi-lace" projects, but this was the first with a fingering weight yarn), first wet-block. I cannot express how much I love this pattern.

I will absolutely make another, and I wish I had tons more gradiant yarn. The slow shift of colors is so appealing to me. The Unique Sheep yarn, purchased from Woolgirl sometime last fall, was very lovely to work with, and got incredibly soft after washing.

I blocked this using only straight pins (no blocking wires in my house so far, but that may change!). I like how the tips are not extremely pointy, although I'm considering blocking once more to get them a little pointier.

The next time I make this, I'm going to knit the larger stockinette portion as many have done, with the smaller lace portion.

My only disappointment in this FO is that I didn't get to use all the yarn! I've got about 80 yards left, which is definitely not enough for anything else. I guess like many others before me, I'll develop a sock yarn leftovers stash.

If you've never done lace before, I recommend this as a first dip into the pool. You do the stockinette portion first, so you get accustomed to the pattern flow, the yarn, etc,before getting to the tough stuff. I did have one row that I had to tink back and redo, as my stitch count was off, but other than that, it was smooth sailing!

This is my second Ysolda pattern, and I understand the buzz. Her patterns are so easy to understand and very enjoyable.

Oh, the love in my heart!!


  1. Wow, I can't believe how pretty that is! I love how the yarn looks and I may have to run out and try some for myself now. :)

  2. That is gorgeous! Don't gift this one, keep it for yourself. You deserve it!


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