Thursday, January 17, 2013

A dire need

Well, not dire.

But if this was your pincushion, would you want a new one?

It's been a good little pincushion, and does it's job, but it doesn't make my heart sing?
And shouldn't it?
When you sew frequently, why not indulge in a fabulous pincushion?

So, I made one. You may remember this one I made last summer, for a swap partner. Using the same Elizabeth Hartman pattern, found here on Sew, Mama, Sew, I made one with favorite fabrics.

FO: Weighted Pincushion Organizer

A little Lucky Penny Bike Path, a little out of print Good Folks, and two text prints (Blend Fabrics and Moda Authentic), I can now say I LOVE my pincushion.

Hello, pretty.

Happy day!


  1. oh my god! you really did need a new one and you totally hit the ball out of the park my love! it is gorgeous and that lucky penny fabric... i die! LOVE it! excellent selfish sewing!

  2. This is gorgeous. Now that I've seen yours, I'm not convinced I'm in love with mine, because it's not nearly this awesome! I really like the combination of fabrics you chose, they play so well together.

  3. So cute! I've been meaning to make one of these forever - good for you! Great fabric choices.

  4. i saw the blog title, didn't realize it was from yesterday, and thought it was going to be about "A Year of Pie" !!

  5. I'd say your old one did it's job to the end! I like your new one...especially since it has the 'trash' catcher attached as well! Very nice!

  6. I love the new pincushion! And the seriously cute butterfly pins!


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