Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First quilt finish of the year

FO: Wintry Shoo-fly

Wintry Shoo-Fly is finished! Blocks for this quilt were made by the Love circle girls of do.Good Stitches.

Shoo-Fly block

I asked for blocks with blue shoo-flies on a mixed gray background (this was my block) of any size.

WIP: Blue & gray shoo-fly

Assembling this type of quilt makes me happy. The first do.Good Stitches quilt I assembled was similar. I like quilts with varying block sizes. It's like working a puzzle, in a way.

Shoo-fly top

After the top was assembled, I searched the stash for backing and binding fabric.

Detail of quilting on the back

I chose this Hope Valley print and Kona Lake for the back, and a Dear Stella dot for the binding.


Olias was my quilting helper, as well as the Machingers gloves that Nicke gifted me last year.

FO: Wintry Shoo-Fly

I chose a loopy quilting design, and only quilted the negative space. I like the texture it provides (especially on the back, as you can see above).

It is exciting to feel some progress in free motion quilting!

This quilt finishes at 50" x 64", and I think it will find a good home with our charity, Wrap Them in Love.

And it's always promising when you want to keep the quilt for yourself, right?


  1. Very nice! Fun challenge to ask for varying block sizes!

  2. This quilt is great! Love all the different block sizes in it.

  3. It turned out beautifully! Love that your feline "helper" was able to participate in doing good. :) Have a great day!

  4. oh jacey! it is so gorgeous! you did a wonderful job with this! i love the colors and the different sizes of blocks. very very beautiful my friend. your fmq looks awesome too, practice does make perfect doesn't it. i am glad those machingers were helpful. i love using mine but always feel a little silly. i guess i just need to think i am mary poppins when i wear them. also, i love olias and his half-milk mustache!

  5. The arrangement of those blocks is fantastic. I'm not surprised, either. I knew you would rock this one!

  6. Oh, I love this so much! Assorted block sizes are so much more interesting and fun. Your circle always has the best quilts!!

  7. i love the way this came together! you are so wonderful at arranging blocks are varying sizes. and the quilting is gorgeous!

  8. Nice! I'm impressed with your free-motion quilting. Really impressed.

  9. this is such a gorgeous quilt! now i want to make a shoo-fly quilt. and, as always, olias is a handsome helper!

  10. I love it. What kind of a Janome are you FMQ-ing on?

  11. I love how this turned out Jacey, it was such a fun one to make blocks for and you did a great job pulling it all together!

  12. yes, if you want to keep the quilt it must have become beautiful. That's what I heard in a craft store some years back.

  13. Love the design and colors you picked for this -- very cool!

  14. I love it! The different sized blocks, the color palette, the quilting - it's fabulous!


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