Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm glad you guys agree with my choice of the word 'focus'! In terms of craft, I felt pretty confident that I nailed it this past week.


With one project exception, I was able to finish a few smaller things, but mostly worked to get the shoo-fly do.Good Stitches project quilted. It will be bound this week, and the first quilty finish of the year will be done!


I'm using a Dear Stella dot for the binding. It's against my beliefs to stick to such a limited palette, but it's good to challenge yourself, yes? I really wanted to throw in some yellow, or green, but I resisted!

Wonky bee: Melissa's quilt

I finished my next Wonky Bee assignment, some gradient strips (with pops of accent) for Melissa's project. I owe you guys a full post on round three of the wonky bee.

more and more

I also knocked out eleven more X & + blocks, thanks to a full afternoon of cutting scraps. It really is fun to sort through a stack all at once, and then sew them at my leisure.

Wonky stars

A couple of wonky stars in the happiest of colors was also on my to-do list. Not a chore at all, no sirree.

Scrappy trip along blocks for Sharon

I got to give the scrappy trip around the world block a run, for Sharon, as part of BaMS.

WIP: Meena's baby quilt

I also worked on a new baby quilt project, for my (?) step-sister (?), I guess you would call her? Whatever. She's family, and she's having a kid. This is actually a finished quilt top now. Picture to come!

So, whew. That's a lot, but like I said, it was a very productive week.We won't talk about the project that stumped me thrice, and still isn't finished. Because I will get it finished, and like it.

Wishing you a very productive and fun week!


  1. All very good and cute things! I actually sewed yesterday too ;)

  2. woohoo! get down with your bad self, J!

  3. Wow! That's an incredible amount of focusing, especially with all the "help" you had. Great start to the new year!

  4. You had a busy week too! I love them all can't wait to see your x&+ blocks all together.

  5. love your x and + blocks. I like photos of the quilting process. I'm always amazed that one can handle those big quilts and it looks easy. I'm sure it's my lack of experience.

  6. you were crazy focused this week! i see your machingers! do you love them? i love all of the blocks you made and i agree. wonky stars are never a chore! and i am totally totally totally in love with the baby quilt! AWESOMEST EVER! such a great block and it totally deserves a tutorial... just sayin' ;) xoxo

  7. Ooh, love that baby quilt. Looks very different! Also a fan of your gradient strips.

    P.S. I made star friends tonight =)

  8. You made lots of gorgeous things! You are definitely focused! :)))

  9. It's incredible what you get done in a week...focused on not! You are becoming a master at the block I must say. And quit teasing me with that darn baby quilt! I can't wait to see it finished!

  10. Wowser! Look at all those gorgeous projects! I can't pick an absolute fav, but there is something about those stars and that sweet baby quilt wip that are really catching my eye! :)

  11. Everything you've got going on here looks pretty awesome! I am dying to see the shoo-fly quilt, those pics are such a good teaser! And I love the stars, they will surely be a good addition to a sweet baby quilt :)


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