Thursday, January 3, 2013

A little bit of baking

So, I know that a few days into a new year is not the time to discuss baked goods, but I wanted to share a baking endeavor from the holidays.

Apricot-hazelnut tart

I made an Apricot-Earl Grey Jam Tart with a hazelnut crust.
Impressive, no? The recipe is here in case you're interested (at some later date, of course!).

Making hazelnut dough

My favorite part was making the dough, and shaping it in the tart pan. I specifically bought a pan with a removable bottom (as suggested in the recipe), and it made for a much easier removal. You could use essentially any jam you'd like!

One of my goals for the new year is to try three new recipes each month. I think that's a pretty attainable goal, and I've got a new stack of cookbooks I received as gifts. I'll share my progress here!


  1. Looks delicious! I'm terrible at trying new recipes. I hope you find some good ones :)

  2. yay for tarts and yay for challenging yourself in the kitchen. so was it as good as it looks? ;) I always give myself the challenge of making new recipes (some months I do better than others but in Nov/Dec of last year I actually tried 18 (!) new recipes) and actually also considered starting to post more of them on my blog. So I'm glad you are going to share your progress!

  3. what a great goal! okay, so it's a little bit selfish of me to say that, because is always end up with winning recipes through you!

  4. Yumm, that looks great! What cookbooks did you get?? I got Smitten Kitchen and I'm a little overwhelmed by it-although the recipes look amazing. I think I'm just going to pick one and go with it. Great idea for a cooking goal for the year! I used to get a Cooking Light subscription and I vowed to make something from every issue. I did it for about a years and a half, and I swear, it's what made me both enjoy cooking more and become better at it!

  5. Have I mentioned linking up to Tuesday at the Table? Would love if you wanted to join in . . . either way - that tart looks delish! Those tart pans with removeable bottoms are the best! I'm curious about the new cookbooks too! hmmm...maybe I'll post about my new ones next Tuesday!

  6. um... i want to eat that! i love the idea of making three new recipes every month. i love love love it!!! i got the cooks illustrated christmas cookie recipe book and was thinking of making a cookie a week out of it. i really want to make the lintzer cookie first! ;) xoxo


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