Monday, September 7, 2009

Details, details

I picked out buttons for my Boston cardigan this weekend.
Since last I posted about it, I:
-finished the body
-wove in the ends
-finished both button bands
-finished half a sleeve.

I'm so motivated to finish this baby, but I did have to pick up my Multnomah a bit this weekend, as sleeve stockinette can get a little repetitive, especially since I'm doing full-length sleeves.

Any thoughts on the buttons I chose?

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday Monday!


  1. I think the buttons will look fab-you-lous! You're so close to being done--I can't wait to see the finished sweater! :D

  2. The buttons are great - very Boston, I think, with a refined dash of scholarly-ness about them, perfectly set against your brilliant blue.

    Full-length sleeves, great choice. Cannot wait to see.

  3. Love the buttons! Hurry up and finish, I'm dying to see how this looks!


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