Friday, March 4, 2011

Blogging Platform Thoughts?

I've been considering switching my blogging platform to Wordpress. I'd like to ask you about the pros and cons that you have experienced with Blogger and Wordpress, to help me make a decision.

So, thoughts?

And I'd also like to share that I'm actually knitting! Here is some proof:

CPH Progress

My Central Park Hoodie now has one button band and is pinned together. I hope to finish this up in the next few weeks!

Happy Friday, and thanks in advance for your feedback.



  1. I've been on both and I have to say I like Blogger better. Mentioning things for sale doesn't violate the Blogger TOS and you have way more control over the layout. That's is better than Blogger but you need hosting for it.

    Lovely CPH. Great springy color too.

  2. your sweater looks really pretty!

    no thoughts on blogger vs wordpress, sorry.

  3. Your cph is looking great! I use and for what it's worth, I really like it. It's very clean, simple and easy to use.

  4. I didn't realize you were working on a that color. So exciting you are almost done!

    No thoughts on wordpress...I love blogging but don't want to pay to do it so even though I think there is much more flexibility on those platforms, I'm stickin' with blogger.


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