Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend FOs

Due to a sewing frenzy, I have two little FOs to share with you.

FO: Echino Coasters

For my sister's birthday (today!-Happy birthday, my sweet sister!), I made these quilted coasters using some favorite Echino fabric.

Stitchy Closeup

I love the multi-colored quilting. Each one is a little different, and I know Jill will appreciate the vibrancy! I quilted them pretty heavily, so I left the edges unfinished. I'm working on a second project for her birthday, but it's not finished yet.

FO: Huck Frog Pants

I also made these pants for baby Oliver, who turns ONE this week. He is such a cutie, and I felt this stashed frog fabric would be much loved by him and his parents.

I used the Huck Finn pattern from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing. I made the 18 month size, so that he can wear them for awhile (hopefully!). The pattern was really easy, and I honestly made them in just a few hours. I used 1/2" elastic because it's what I had on hand.

How cute is this fabric?

I just love the little waistband. It's so tiny!

I also made progress on some other WIPs, but I'll share those with you later.

Also coming up, a fabric giveaway!

xo, Jacey


  1. I love that stitching on the quilted coasters. You had a very productive weekend.

  2. Wow, those coasters rock!! And for a second I thought the shorts were for your sister, too. I was jealous!

  3. i love the coasters as well! the different colored stitching was inspired.

  4. I love that frog fabric. So cute! I made quite a few hexagons from the bit you sent me.

  5. You've been busy! Those pants are crazy adorable.


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