Thursday, March 3, 2011

A spruce

First, thanks for all of your kind comments on my pillow! I really appreciate it.

So, my living/dining room just got tile, after having uneven concrete for two years. I cannot tell you how awesome it is to finally have a finished floor in this room.

Sunday, I got a little surge of spontaneity, and bought some paint. I then proceeded to paint this accent wall.

A little paint

The color is Valspar Painted Glass, and is a bit more green-blue than this photos shows. It's a lovely hue, and it makes such a difference in the room. My next task in sprucing this space will involve making a wall quilt, and I'm leaning towards using this lovely stack:

New fabric: Magnolia Lane by Laura Gunn
Magnolia Lane, by Laura Gunn

I think the colors will work nicely in this large room, but I don't quite have a vision of the wall quilt. I'm going to press the fabrics and see what comes to mind. I picked up these half-yards at Hawthorne Threads.


  1. very pretty and bright! and the tile looks nice too.

  2. oh wow, that is great! The fabrics are going to look spectacular in there too.

  3. I love revamping rooms. There is such a great energy after you finish a project like that! It looks awesome.

  4. Wow--you've been busy lately...I LOVE the accent wall (I have a couple rooms that need painting and I guarantee and accent wall will be incorporated). Though you are more ambitious than me...I'd cover it with pictures. Easier!


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