Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February quilt blocks

For my second installation of do.Good. Stitches quilt blocks, Jill asked for orange and gray "Map of the States" blocks. The tutorial that Elizabeth Hartman posted was very easy to follow, although the process is a bit time-consuming.

1st February block

The result is worth it, though, and I found the freezer-paper method of piecing to be very satisfying!

February Comfort Blocks: done

As you can see from this second photo, my sewing table is often covered in WIPs.
I'm betting most of you can relate to a little organized chaos, right?

Scrap pile

I just loved the little pile of scraps from making these blocks. Gorgeous!

We just got our assignment for the March blocks, so I'm off to sort through the stash.

xo, Jacey


  1. I really love the way the orange and gray go together. So pretty!

  2. those blocks are very pretty! i love the colors.


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