Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pips Winner and some progress

I've already cut into my charm pack of Pips. I'm making some half square triangles, a first for me.

Auditioning fabrics

I found some stashed fabric that I think might work well, to extend the charm squares into a bigger project. From left, there's Amy Butler Full Moon Dots in Gray/Blue, AB Pink Honeycomb, Jay McCarroll Birch, Lizzy House Peeps in blue and a Art Gallery fabric I found at the quilt show.

I'm going to make all of my Pips (I keep wanting to say Peeps) squares first, and then decide which of these fabrics to use, if any.

HSTs? Yes, please.

I made several squares the other night, and I hope to devote a few hours to this over the weekend. I don't have much medium gray solid left, but I thought I might do some areas of the quilt with a different solid. Only time will tell!

Progress: Pips Project

The beauty of HSTs is that you can really change the look of the quilt by rotating the squares. I had fun playing with the layout of my first few squares.

Without further ado, the winner of the Pips charm pack is... Junebug, commenter #1.

Pips Winner

Yay, Junebug! I just sent you an email.

Thanks to all who entered.



  1. Really liking the fabrics you're combining with the Pips (I always think 'Peeps' in my head too, lol). Isn't that Jay McCarroll line great?

    Congrats to the prize winner!!

  2. Congrats to Junebug. Lucky duck!

  3. it looks awesome so far! i don't mind sewing HSTs so much. it's the trimming that i'm not terribly fond of.

    the pips fabric looks great with that solid grey.

  4. that fabric is so darling, just love it.

  5. Thanks SO much Jacey! You're generous to share the pip peeps :) I've just sent you my contact info


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