Thursday, March 31, 2011

On enablers

I am an enabler when it comes to crafting, so I consider the following statement to be a compliment: Elizabeth made me do it. We were emailing back and forth the other day about spinning, and before I know it, I'm researching spindles and buying one.

Oh, snap.

There are probably other knitting friends to blame as well, but Elizabeth is definitely front and center for this one! She convinced me that even though I can't spring for the wheel right now, it's no reason not to try my hand at a spindle. So, here goes! I purchased this kit from the Woolery (fastest shipping ever!), and it came with three lovely shades of wool to try (slate blue/gray, burgundy and navy).

Some recent fabric stashings

This, however, is nobody's fault, but my own.


  1. I have no idea what a spindle is or how it works, but I"m sure you're going to do awesome things with it.

  2. Yes! Oh, you're gonna be hooked!! Be sure to join the spindlers group on ravelry! There are tons of great tips. Oh, and Abby Franquemont's book/ DVD is a good investment, especially if you're teaching yourself. Hooray for spindles!

  3. I bought a spindle at a wool fair one year. Haven't touched it since. I wish you more spindley luck!

  4. ooh, you've been aspinnerated! yay!

    lovely fabric stash as well.

  5. Yippee! So glad to hear you're feeling the spinning love. Can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  6. I have that kit too! The spindle is very basic but good for learning on. I had different fiber in mine (white, light brown, darker brown). Don't be discourage with your spinning though! I started with the medium brown and it came out not so great. I switched to the white and was immediately spinning lace. Same thing happened to my friend who bought the kit with me. Make sure you try the different fibers in the box.

  7. Funny--I will most likely be posting an enabling post soon as well...something about a hat that suddenly found itself on my needles this weekend! I, myself, love enablers...blogland is full of them!

    Good luck learning to spin...I'm resisting the urge so far because I can't keep up with the hobbies I have as is...but watching my friend in town spin makes resisting harder and harder.

  8. I know you will master this craft as well - in your own time!!

  9. Oh man, now I want to know about that fabric!!! So pretty!

  10. Yay for spinning!! You'll have so much fun playing in all those fibers.

    And great new fabrics!


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