Monday, March 28, 2011

More groups!

So, I joined two more groups recently. Yep, and I'm not sorry.

I joined the embroider-bee. This is a 3x4 bee, where I have three months to make four blocks, one for each member of my group. There is a focus on incorporating embroidery, which I've been wanting to spend more time doing, so it works out pretty well. Here is the mosaic I created as inspiration for the blocks made for me:

Embroider-Bee Inspiration

Please click the photo to see photo sources!

I also joined the Wonky Bee, started by knottygnome. This bee has six members, and we each take a month to plan a quilt with a wonky theme. We send out fabric to the other members and blocks are mailed back to the quilter at the end of each month. I'm first up to plan a quilt and send out fabric, and I chose a spiraled log cabin. It's built just as a square log cabin, except that you begin with a pentagon piece instead of a square. A very cool spiral effect is created. Here are some examples found in flickr land: my very favorite bunny version, by Julie Frick

The Beehive - Spiral Cabin for Karlyn

by Badskirt Amy

Andi's block for Karlyn

by Patchandi

Here are the fabrics I'll be sending to the bee members:

Wonky Bee Stack

I love this pink/purple and orange combo. I started with a FQ set of the Sugar Pop fabric by Liz Scott for Moda. I found some stashed coordinating fabrics, like the Monaluna Mingle dots in orange, Heather Ross Mendocino (leftover from my skirt!), a piece of Innocent Crush fabric by AMH (from my Single Girl fabrics), herringbone print by Joel Dewberry, hexagons from Jay McCarroll, Kona Eggplant and Kona Tangerine.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished blocks over the next month!


  1. ooo! what a fun block and a great bunch of fabrics. :)

  2. Bees are so addicting aren't they!? These sound like great bees. Love the spiraled log cabin. the fabrics you chose are going to look great!

  3. You run in good company. Those groups looks so fun! And those quilt squares are insanely cool!

  4. yay, i can't wait to get started! your blocks are going to be so fun.

  5. I love coming to this space...not only do you make such cool things, but your enthusiasm for all things fiber, fabric, and thread rubs off on me. Even if crafting time is very limited right now in my world, you keep me excited for the time when I can do more. Thank you for that.

  6. Oh my gosh those embroidery images are so wonderful. I love embroidery. I especially love the scrolly one in the upper right with the buttons. People are so creative!


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